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4-3 Under Edge Sting Nano Blitz

Bringing pressure from up the middle is the best way to force turnovers in Madden 13.  In today’s Madden tip, we show you a way to bring heat from the linebacker position.  This play works best against an opponent who likes to send all 5 receivers out for routes.  The play will not work as shown on the video below if your opponent blocks an extra guy or 2.  We have the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: 4-3 Under

Play: Edge Sting

4-3 Under Edge Sting Madden 13 Blitz


  1. Pinch the defensive line
  2. (Optional) Press coverage

Lets break this play down step by step.

We see that before the snap there is no indication that we are blitzing or bringing any sort of pressure.

Once the ball is snapped, you can see that our linebacker shoots through the A-gap untouched with a clear shot at the quarterback.

We get a sack before any of the receivers have a chance to get open.

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11 years ago

i like the 43 d