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Top 5 Rebuilding Teams for Madden 16 CFM

Every year one of the things many gamers look forward to is rebuilding a down and out NFL team into a Super Bowl contender.  Anyone can take a power team like the Seahawks to the big game.  But the true test of your coaching skills is resurrecting a struggling franchise from the ashes of failure.  So here is a list of 5 NFL teams that need rebuilding in Madden 16, along with a few tips about how to get started.

Tennessee Titans

  • Cap Space: 25.4 million
  • Pieces to build around: QB Marcus Mariota (Rookie), WR Dorial Green-Beckham (Rookie), RE Jurrell Casey (24 years old)
  • How to rebuild them: Build your team around rookie playmaker Marcus Mariota.  Mariota is going to have speed up front, but his accuracy and throw power will probably need developed.  Devote a good amount of your game prep to him and try to meet your weekly and season goals.  By the end of season 1, if used properly, Mariota can develop into a cornerstone for your franchise.  Defensively you have some solid pieces to work with, but can definitely use some upgrades.  There is a lot of youth on the Titans, so you need to figure out what players you want to develop defensivley and which ones you don’t have time for because you can’t build them all.  But with 25 million in free cap space, you can look to be a major player in free agency in the first offseason.
  • How to win in year 1: Keep it simple.  Roll Mariota out, get him in space, and hit the easy routes.  Don’t get to fancy or try to go deep too often.  Play to Mariota’s strengths by utilizing the screen game, read option, and QB runs.

Tampa Bay Bucs

  • Cap Space: 19.8 million
  • Pieces to build around: QB Jameis Winston (Rookie), RB Doug Martin (25 years old), Mike Evans (21 years old), DT Gerald McCoy (26 years old), ROLB Lavonte David (24 years old), CB Alterraun Verner (25)
  • How to rebuild them: You biggest need with the Bucs is defense.  Winston, Martin, Evans, and Jackson give you more then enough playmaking ability on offense.  The defense isn’t void of playmakers, but two areas you need to focus on quickly are the front 7 and safeties.  The Bucs don’t have a safety that you will want to use as a long term solution, so look to trade for a young playmaker or draft one in your first offseason.  The next area you should look to upgrade is your front 7.  McCoy and David give you one solid playmaker on the line and in the linebacking corps but you need to look to add at least a 2nd solid piece to each unit.
  • How to win in year 1: Air the ball out with the #1 draft pick to Evans and Jackson offensivley.  Winston should be able to develop very easily throwing to wide outs like that.  Then defensivley look to get pressure with McCoy and force some turnovers.

New York Giants

  • Cap Space: 4.5 million
  • Pieces to build around: WR Odell Beckham Jr. (21 years old), RE Jason Pierre-Paul (25 years old), CB Prince Amukamara (25 years old)
  • How to rebuild them: Eli Manning is not the solution at QB in Madden.  It is time to move on from him and his contract.  I would recommend drafting a QB in your first offseason or trading for someone like Brett Hundley from Green Bay to groom as the QB of the guture.  Your other big needs are at safety and linebacker.  The Giants don’t have good playmakers there.  They have a great duo of CB’s and a great anchor on the D-line with JPP.  But the middle of the defense should be your focus along with QB.
  • How to win in year 1: Force feed the ball to Odell Beckham Jr.  He is the best playmaker on your team.  Lob the ball up to him and use aggressive catch a lot!  Defensivley you are going to have to force some turnovers with Amukamara and Cromartie.

New York Jets

  • Cap Space: 5.4 million
  • Pieces to build around: LE Muhammad Wilkerson (24 years old), RE Sheldon Richardson (23 years old), DT Damon Harrison (25 years old), DT Leonard Williams (Rookie), SS Calvin Pryor (23 years old)
  • How to rebuild them:  Priority #1 for the Jets is to get a QB.  Maybe you decided to build Geno Smith, or maybe you decide to accuire one via the draft or a trade.  But regardless you can’t win with bad QB play.  The Jets sport a very stout defense, but their weakness is at LB.  So if you can find the solution at QB and pick up a couple solid LBs then you will be set up very well with this team.
  • How to win in year 1: Unleash that defensive line.  The Jets have a great d-line that can shut down the run and pressure the passer, and they have more then enough playmakers in the secondary to force some turnover.  Play smart on offense and don’t turn the ball over, and let your defense carry the team.

Oakland Raiders

  • Cap Space: 20.2 million
  • Pieces to build around: QB Derek Carr (23 years old), WR Amari Cooper (Rookie), OLB Khalil Mack (23 years old), OLB Sio Moore (24 years old)
  • How to rebuild them: Develop Derek Carr and Amari Cooper.  They could be a great duo when it comes to the air attack.  On defense you need to develop your secondary.  Mack and Moore give you some help with your front 7, but you need some immediate upgrades at CB and Safety.
  • How to win in year: This team will be difficult to win without some improvments, but your best chance is to use your best weapons.  Force feed the ball to Cooper on offense and turn your OLBs free to make some plays on defense.

What team are you looking forward to rebuilding in Madden 16? Sound off in the comments below…

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  1. Im lookin to get the niners back on track!

    1. They should be a fun turnaround project. How would you start the rebuilding process?

  2. The bills should be fun with that d line, McCoy, Harbin, watkins

    1. Stay tuned for a 5 under the radar teams for CFM… The Bills are absolutly going to be on that list

  3. The bills are going to be an awesome team in cfm

  4. I’m gonna turn the saints back into championship form which shouldn’t be too hard now with jimmy graham gone!!

  5. I’m thinking either jacksonville or cleveland

  6. The Bucs are fun to play with, escepially after trading for Eric Berry and Zach Brown, and after three games:
    Eric Berry, Zach Brown, and Jonathan Banks have three picks each.
    We are 3-0.
    Jameis Winston is out for twelve weeks.

    Any advice on what to do about the fact that Mike Glennon is QB? We should get Winston back for the playoffs, but how will we get there without him? Should I trade for one, even if he will only play for 12 weeks? Should I just run the football a lot? We don’t exactly have a good halfback with Rainey and Martin, (Martin started in weeks one and two, and Rainey will started in three and will start in four, then I will see who is doing better) but I have some nice free agent O-Linemen. Glennon is a 76 overall.

  7. I’m going to rebuild the rams bc they need help on both side of the ball it should be fun

  8. suprisingly its the patriots for me