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Top 5 Quarterbacks in Madden 16 Ultimate Team Base Sets

The top 5 quarterbacks in Madden 16 ultimate team base sets have been announced with Aaron Rodgers coming in at the top with a 91 overall rating.  Here are the ratings for the top 5 quarterbacks in MUT 16.

Aaron Rodgers – 91 Overall

The reigning MVP, Rodgers takes the top slot with excellent 95 Throw Power and 88 Throw on the Run. He also brings 90 TAS/91 TAM/90 PAC.

Tom Brady – 90 Overall

Four-time Super Bowl Champion Brady brings 95 Throw Power, and he has 88 Play Action with 90 TAS/91 TAM/89 TAD.

Drew Brees – 88 Overall

In his 15th year, Brees still has one of the very best ratings with 93 Play Action. He also has 91 TAS/91 TAM/88 TAD with 87 Throw Power.

Peyton Manning – 87 Overall

Despite some injury problems late last season, Manning still put up excellent numbers. This year, he begins with excellent 95 Throw Accuracy Short and 88 TPW/91 TAM/86 TAD.

Ben Roethlisberger – 87 Overall

Big Ben put up career numbers last year, and he’s near the top in 2015 with 94 Throw on the Run and 94 Throw Power. He also brings 86 TAS/89 TAM/82 TAD.

Honorable mention: Andrew Luck (87 Overall)

Here are some of the quarterback cards in MUT 16:

Source: EA Sports

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