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Top 5 NFL Draft Busts of All Time

Every single year in the NFL. there is usually one player that every team wants. However, what happens if that one player turns out to be terrible in the NFL and cannot compete at that level? Here are my top 5 NFL Draft Busts of All Time.

1. Ryan Leaf 1998 – This is an easy one just because of who came after him in the draft and what San Diego gave up to get him. First of all, the 1998 draft had Peyton Manning, who is arguably the best QB of this generation and possibly of all time. The main thing that stands out about this pick is that San Diego GM Bobby Beathard gave up the 3rd overall pick, a 2nd rounder and a 1st round pick in the 1999 draft. All this was given up just to move up one spot in the draft to pick Ryan Leaf who had a whopping 13 TD passes and 33 INTs in his career.

2. Tony Mandarich 1989 – The man was a beast, featured in Sports Illustrated as the next great offensive lineman. Tony had a very bright future in the league because it seemed like he was a man among boys. However, once he got into the NFL his career started to fall apart, and he lost a massive amount of weight leading up to the NFL Draft. This weight loss suggested that his dominance in college was attributed to steroids. Only a measly 3 years later, he was cut and never resurfaced in the league. Another thing making this pick worse is that Barry Sanders was picked at the number 3 spot while Tony Mandarich was picked 2nd overall.

3. Heath Shuler 1994 – Heath had huge expectations coming out of Tennessee that he could not possibly meet in Washington. His first mistake was the 13 day holdout he had that angered Redskins fans and only made them dislike him more. Combine this with terrible quarterbacking and a shoulder injury that cost him his starting job to Gus Frerotte and it makes him a draft bust.

4. Andre Ware 1990 – Being selected 7th overall has its pros and cons. One con is that you must live up to a hype that is nearly impossible to live up to. After having a ridiculous season at Houston that included 4,699 passing yards and 46 touchdowns along with 1,115 rushing yards and a Heisman trophy he was expected to be the greatest. However, in 4 seasons with the Lions and Vikings he only amassed 1,112 yards on 83-161 passing.

5. Jamarcus Russell 2007 – Some may argue that it is too early in his career to call him a bust, but I don’t think so. This guy has no work ethic and is constantly about 300 pounds. A team does not want someone at the QB position who does not work hard and is lazy. Overall, in his career he has 23 INTs with 18 TD passes on 52.1% passing. A less impressive stat is that in games that he has started his team has a record of 10-24. Those are not the kind of stats that you want with the #1 pick in an NFL Draft.

There are people that almost made this list and were just not quite bad enough. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Timschroeder546 signing out.

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  1. I thought i would see REGGIE BUSH’S name on that list but Timschroeder546 probably just forgot yeah thats probably what it was he just forgot.

    REGGIE BUSH should be on that list theres no doubt about that.

    1. reggie bush in no way shape or form deserves to be on this list

  2. lol super mario, haha mod i like how you put alualu in the picture

  3. really Reggue Bush above any of those guys cmon mario LMAO

  4. Check your facts on Mandarich.

    He DID resurface, and had several successful years snapping the ball to a young Peyton Manning.

    Doesnt change he is a bust, but still..

  5. reggie isnt even dat bad last season he definately stepped it up though so idnt think he should be on the list

  6. Reggie Bush is a bust cuz he was supposed to be a star RB not a backup for P.Thomas

  7. You're a moron. Check your facts. Peyton came first in that draft, if your gonna make lists, then make sure you get it right.

    1. He never said Leaf was drafted first. He said a lot of work was done to get him with a second pick instead of a third. If you’re going to criticize someone’s writing, make sure you understand it first. It’s like fact checking. Try it.

  8. Mandarich returned to football for three years between 1996 and 1998 with the Indianapolis Colts. He had a more successful career with the Colts before retiring from football in 1998.