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Top 5 Defensive Tackles in Madden 17

The 5 highest rated defensive tackles in Madden 17 are now out.  Rams DT Aaron Donald comes in at #1 by a wide margin.  With his ratings this year he looks to be the most dominant defensive tackle in Madden in at least a decade.

He is a 98 overall with 83 speed, 90 acceleration, 94 strength, 98 power moves, and 98 block shed.

We’ve got the complete top 5 list below.

  1. Aaron Donald – 98 Overall
  2. Geno Atkins – 94 Overall
  3. Fletcher Cox – 93 Overall
  4. Ndamukong Suh – 93 Overall
  5. Kawann Short – 92 Overall

What are your thoughts on the top 5 DTs in Madden NFL 17?  Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Fletcher Cox will shut down Ezekiel Elliot twice a year for a while hopefully

  2. Bobby wagner should be a 90 overall

  3. Richard sherman been down graded from a 99 in Madden 15 to a 92. Doesn’t Not make sense his performance has not changed, QB’s do not throw the ball his way, thats means hes a great player. Josh Norman had one good year hes top CB, no Super Bowl ring either

  4. In almost every matchup Suh will have the strength advantage over his opponent. Utilize him as the anchor of your run defense as most offensive linemen won’t get the push upfield needed to dominate in the run game. His 98 strength is tops in the league for defensive tackles. Short played a big roll in the success the Panthers had last season. He is a pure defensive tackle in that his game excels in clogging up the interior of the field with his strength and ability to chase down ball carriers.