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Madden 23 franchise mode archetype progression

This Will Make Your Madden 23 Franchise Team So Much Better

We cover a lot of information at Madden School so at times some of our content can be hard to find. In today’s article, we are highlighting some of our best work for readers who play in franchise mode.

Back in August we launched our Madden 23 franchise hub that included everything you’ll ever need to give you an edge in your league.

One of the tools that can be found in that area is the Madden 23 archetype upgrade recommendations. In it, we take you through each position and give you a ton of data for each archetype.

With that information, you are able to make your own conclusion on how to spend your skill points or you can use our recommendation.

You’ll really be surprised at how much more effective certain archetypes are than others. Check out the video below for just one example at the cornerback position.

There are a lot of little tricks like this that you can use to gain an advantage on the rest of your franchise.

The Best Madden 23 Franchise Mode Information You Will Ever See

You can see from the video that the most efficient way to upgrade “man to man” coverage is by instead upgrading the “Slot” archetype.

It isn’t intuitive and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it works every time. Feel free to try it out for yourself!

That is just 1 small element of the research and data collection we did. Our section on how to spend you skill points in Madden 23 goes over every little detail for every position including:

  • What archetypes to upgrade if you want speed rating increases
  • What archetypes to upgrade if you want overall rating increases
  • The top 3 individual ratings that each archetype actually increases
  • Whether to switch a rush OL to DE for optimal progression
  • Which archetypes give QBs the most throw power
  • What the best archetype is to upgrade for offensive linemen

Give it a look for yourself and start dominating your Madden 23 franchise mode today. Then check out our Madden 23 scouting guide for franchise mode.

For our absolute best Madden 23 guides and ebooks, join Madden School Unlimited today!

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