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The New Superstar and X-Factor Abilities Confirmed In Madden 21 So Far

EA Sports announced a few weeksk ago that there would be 50 new Superstar and X-Factor Abilities in Madden 21.

Thanks to the good people at /r/madden, we have a list of some of the new abilities in this year’s game as well as some confirmed abilities from last year’s game making a return in Madden 21.

We also know that non-quarterback players have 3 superstar slots instead of the 2 they had last year.

We’ll start with all of the new superstar abilities and what they do.

New Offensive Superstar Abilities

Fearless – Immune to defensive pressure while in the pocket. This one isn’t exactly new but it is now a regular superstar ability instead of an X-Factor.

Mid Out Elite – Improved catching on medium passes outside the numbers.

Mid In Elite – Improved catching on medium passes inside the numbers.

Deep Out Elite – Improved catching on deep passes outside the numbers.

Short Out Elite – Improved catching on short passing outside the numbers.

Natural Talent – Begin the game with blocker resistance.

New Defensive Superstar Abilities

Film Study – Shows offensive play after repeated play calls.

El Toro – Dominant bull rush wins from max pass rush points.

Flat Zone KO – Improved reactions & catch knockouts in flat zones.

Short Route KO – improves knockouts in man vs short routes.

Mid Zone KO – Improved reactions & catch knockouts in mid zones.

Deep In Zone KO – Improved reactions/knockouts in deep inside zones.

Deep Route KO – Improved knockouts in man vs deep routes.

New X-Factor Abilities

Truzz – This is Lamar Jackson’s unique X-Factor ability where when he is in the zone, he can’t fumble as the result of a tackle. To activate it, you must run for 1+ yards 8 times.

Returning Superstar Abilities

Dashing Deadeye – Perfect pass accuracy on the run up to 40 yards.

Red Zone Deadeye – Perfect pass accuracy while throwing in the red zone.

Escape Artist – Improved scrambling speed when leaving the pocket.

No Look Deadeye – Perfect pass accuracy on cross-body throws up to 20 yards.

Hot Route Master – Four additional hot routes.

Conductor – Faster hot routing & blocking adjustments.

Set Feet Lead – Increased throw power when leading bullet passes with set feet.

Sleight of Hand – Higher chance of success on pump fakes & double moves.

Fast Break – Improved ballcarrier control on designed QB runs.

Juke Box – Grants steerable juke animations.

Leap Frog – Prevents fumbles when hurdling.

Tank – Breaks hit stick tackles.

Route Technician – Quicker cuts while running routes.

Grab-N-Go – Quicker turning/change-of-direction after a RAC catch.

TE Apprentice – Four additional hot routes when lined up at TE.

Red Zone Threat – Improved Catching vs single coverage in the red zone.

Slot-O-Matic – Better cuts and catching on short slot routes.

Edge Protector – Stronger pass protection vs elite edge rushers.

Secure Protector – Stronger protection vs quick block shed moves.

Inside Stuff – Quicker run sheds against inside zone plays.

Run Stopper – Shed attempts are free on run plays.

Edge Threat – Dominant pass rush moves from the edge.

Goal Line Stuff – Quicker run sheds near the goal line.

Under Pressure – Large area of effect for QB pressure and disruption.

Acrobat – Diving swats and interceptions.

Lurker – Spectacular catch animations for lurking defenders.

Strip Specialist – Reduced tackle penalty while trying to strip the ball.

Returning X-Factor Abilities

Bazooka – Max throwing distance increases by 15+ yards.

Pro Reads – Highlights the first open target & ignores pressure.

Double Me – Wins aggressive catches vs single coverage.

Rac ‘Em Up – Wins RAC catches vs single coverage.

Run Stuffer – Block Shedding is more effective vs run plays.

Momentum Shift – On field opponents have their zone progress wiped.

Reinforcement – Higher chance to defeat run blocks & disrupt catches.

One other thing to note is the defensive back ability, Universal Coverage, is now an X-Factor ability in Madden 21.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list of every Superstar and X-Factor ability in the game. It is just the ones we know so far.

Which Superstar or X-Factor ability are you most excited to try out in Madden 21? Let us know in the comments!

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