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The GNU Option Makes Its Way Into NCAA Football 14

ncaa 14 gnu option

Today we will be going over what is being called the “GNU Option” throughout the NCAA 14 and Madden 25 community.  This play can get you lots of yards in important situations or you could run it all game until your opponent commits to stopping it.  We have the full setup and HD video below.

Formation: Shotgun Bunch Quads

Play: WR Mid Screen (aka The GNU Option)

NCAA Football 14 Tips - The GNU Option

  1. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a drag route
  2. Hot route your B/circle receiver to an in route


  1. Your Y/triangle receiver will pretty much always be open
  2. Look to your circle/B receiver if he is open Pro Tip: You can hot route your Y/triangle receiver to all sorts of other routes once your opponent catches on to the drag route.  Some of my favorites include the whip route and the hitch route.

Pro Tip #2: If you wait too long to throw the pass, you will get called for offensive pass interference.

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7 years ago

More NCAA 14 tips please… i still play this game religiously! Thanks!