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The Easiest Nano Blitz In Madden 23

To celebrate the release of our first Madden 23 defensive ebook (2nd ebook total) we are going over one of the easiest blitzes to setup in the game!

If your opponent is in any Shotgun or Pistol formation and doesn’t block extra guys, you should get instant pressure right up the middle.

This scheme does have some weaknesses which is why it didn’t make the cut to be in an ebook.

First, you generally won’t want to have 3-4 personnel on the field in most situations. Nickel, Dollar, or Dime formation are much more effective in Madden 23.

Second, if your opponent blocks an extra running back, he can pick up the blitz relatively easily.

That being said, this blitz brings absolutely insane pressure and is incredibly easy to setup. Check out the full breakdown below!

The Easiest Nano Blitz In Madden 23: 3-4 Odd Defensive Scheme
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Playbook: Los Angeles Chargers (And Others)

Formation: 3-4 Odd

Plays: Tampa 2, Cover 3 (Flipped), Pinch Buck 0, and more


  1. Base Align (Y/triangle + right on the left stick)
  2. Pinch your linebackers (right on the D-pad + down on the left stick)
  3. Blitz your MLB on the left
  4. User the MLB on the right and hold down LT/L2 at the snap to hold the right guards attention temporarily (or you can blitz the LB and pull him off into coverage right after the snap).

Overview: You will want to substitute in fast backup OLBs or DEs if your starters aren’t your fastest guys. The faster the player you have coming through the B-gap unblocked, the less time the quarterback has to throw.

Let’s take a closer look at how this scheme works!

This is how the play art for a cover 2 style defense should look but you can use this concept with a lot of different plays in the 3-4 Odd formation.

Immedaitely after the ball is snapped, we can see our defensive end shoot directly through the left B-gap between the left tackle and left guard with a clear shot at the quarterback.

The play ends up in a sack before our opponent’s receivers can even get 7 yards downfield.

Next: Check out our other free Madden 23 tips or if you really want to take your game to the next level, join Madden School Unlimited today!

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