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Stunning Madden NFL 15 Trailer Features Gameplay Footage

The first Madden 15 gameplay trailer was released by EA Sports today.  It features a short clip of the Carolina Panthers defense vs the Seattle Seahawks offense and focuses specifically on All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly.

The trailer shows much improved graphics from last year (don’t they always) but this year has a definitively more realistic feel than trailers for previous Madden games.

More Madden 15 news is expected to be announced in the next week.

Check out the trailer below.

Madden 15 Gameplay | Official Trailer | E3 2014

What do you think of the first Madden 15 gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments section.

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9 years ago

the game has the depth of a puddle

2k5 still destroys madden with the depth of franchise mode…

practice schedules to increase attributes watch film to increase awareness QBs &WRs go through passing tree to increase QB accuracy WR catch etc

free agents/contracts
5 different contracts to offer
ascending descending alternating year front/backload restricted FAs you could try to sign….and do it when you wanted….3 yrs left on a contract thats back loaded re-negotiate…..

situational substitutions
If you have a fast cover 2 OLB and a slower run stuffing MLB you could set all your packages i.e Dime D you could set up your defense how you wanted it with specific players you could even set your kick off and return teams……

the half time show was worth watching.

create and entire playbook from scratch or change routes or blitz packages in already established plays

still deeper than any madden to date…….give it a next gen make over… got the best game ever made