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How To Stop the RE Nano Blitz In Madden 15

The newest Madden 15 nano blitz that is growing more and more popular each day at the highest level’s of online play is a simple 3 man rush that gets very quick pressure.  In today’s free tip, SnA Exclusive is going over how to slow down people who abuse it.

The full breakdown is below.

Madden 15: How To Beat The RE Nano Blitz


  1. Use Play Action out of Shotgun
  2. Use more under-center plays
  3. Utilize WR screens

Overview: With the newly found nano blitz in Madden 15 that is soon to be sweeping online play, it’s important to know how to counter it so that you don’t have an entire game ruined by a glitch. These are 4 very simple ways to counter the nano blitz and allow you to run your offense as normal without worrying about a 3 man rush getting in untouched every time!

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