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Special Teams Plays

Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: Special Teams Punt

Play: Fake Punt Sweep


  1. Sub in your best or fastest running back at the punt protector spot where your fullback normally is
  2. Put your best offensive lineman in the long snapper spot (You can do this before the game in the depth chart).

Overview: You will want to make the substitution early on in the game so if you do call a fake punt, it won’t take you any extra time and won’t alert your opponent that something might be up.  This is generally good for at least 5 yards, sometimes more. Just follow your blockers right up the middle. There should be a huge hole.

It only works against punt return left, punt return middle, and punt return right so if you see a punt block or a punt return safe man, audible to a normal punt. 99% of the time, your opponents will call a punt return though so this should work if you save it for the right time.

Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: Special Teams Punt

Play: Fake Punt FB Pass

Setup: None required


  1. Your only read on this play is the receiver on the left (the X/square receiver)

Overview: Against most punt returns, the receiver on the left will get bumped at the line of scrimmage and the cornerback will stumble. Throw it right after the bump (see the video for timing). This play can sometimes fail if the ball is thrown inaccurately but the receiver will usually be open.

This play is usually good for about 12-16 yards. You will have to practice how hard to throw the pass.  Too soft or too hard and it will be inaccurate. Obviously, don’t call this play if your opponent is expecting the fake. It will not work.

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    1. Defense is coming out on Monday night

  1. How do you sub in punt protector?

    1. When you get to the punt formation, hit RB/R1 and then scroll until you have selected the punt protector and then click A/X and replace him with the guy you’d like.