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Re-Visting Techniques To Audible Down In Madden 21

We’ve covered how to audible down to different formations on offense earlier in the year, but in this week’s film room we will be covering a great way to audible down on defense.

Then we’ll give a quick refresher on how to do the same thing on offense and when you should be doing it.

If you do this correctly, you can get exactly the personnel you want on the field and get huge mismatches Check it out below.

You can see how on defense we were able to get safeties on the line of scrimmage as pass rushers on defense which can help you both in coverage and to get to the quarterback faster on blitzes.

The steps we used were:

Step 1: Use the 46 Defensive Playbooks

Step 2: Sub in safeties at the Sub LB position on the depth chart

Step 3: Set your audibles in Nickel 3-3-5 Wide

Step 4: Call any play in Nickel 3-3-5 Normal

Step 5: Audible to your Nickel 3-3-5 Wide Play

You can do this with other formations and playbooks based on who you want to get on the field.

Let’s also quickly touch on offense.

You can see that by subbing in an extra HB on the field, we don’t sacrifice too much in the passing game but we really open up the run game.

Make sure you incorporate these ideas into your gameplan so you can catch your opponent in bad formations/plays.

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