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New Commissioner Tools Coming To Madden 21 Franchise Mode In Big Update

League commissioners will now have more control over their franchises! In an update coming tomorrow, January 7th, commissioners will now be able to undo free agent signings, override certain settings for gameplay, set new draft rules, and implement how often a player can call a specific play in their league.

It’s a lot to go over but we’ll cover all of those things in more depth below.

Let’s start with undoing free agent signings.

There are times when a specific player is off-limits in a franchise mode because of a team ownership change in your league or a user who wasn’t able to re-sign a player they should have.

Now a commissioner can just go into the transaction log, click on the signing you want to revert and send the player back the free agency.

Commissioners can also toggle settings like heat seeker, ball hawk, and switch assist.

This is a small change but it can be a way for commissioners to even the playing field for some users who don’t know what they are doing.

Another addtion that commissioners can look forward to is the ability to set any user on auto-pilot during the offseason rookie draft.

In the past, a user had to set himself on auto-pilot in order to be automatically skipped during the draft. Now a commissioner can pick up on a user who isn’t in attendance and instead of having to manually skip him, he can just set him to auto-pilot.

This should be a big time/headache saver for commissioners.

The big change from this update is the ability to limit how often a play is called.

This is done via 2 settings; Playcall cooldown and playcall limit.

Playcall cooldown allows commissioners to set the number of plays that need to be called before a user can call a previously called play.

Playcall limit allows commissioners to set the amount of times in a game a player can call the same play before it is locked from further use.

This will be a huge addition for “sim” style leagues. “Competitive/freestyle” leagues don’t have to turn on or set these limits if they like the way their league currently is.

Superstar and X-Factor customization can now be controlled by a commissoner. In the last franchise update, EA allowed players to easily pick their abilities. Now commissioners have a way to limit it.

These updates will be live soon on PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and XBOX One.

What do you want to see in future franchise updates? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I would like to see the seniorbowl with players in draft on there see how they play

  2. I would like to see Coordinators on each staff and the ability to be one of those coordinators. Also a change to the draft scouting process. Should be at the end of the season starting with the Senior Bowl. The attributes we scout now should already be unlocked but you select certain players to scout further and unlock more info either overall, scheme fit or abilities. Allows you to focus on the positions of need while knowing your draft position.

  3. I like KO play style they give you 3 random plays from different formations.. and you have to chose one, no adjustments no maybe 1 hot route a possession make you think a little more about what you doing versus just having the freedom to do whatever and spam plays and motion this and beat the glitches

  4. I would like for something like the nfl network during the week between weeks to go over up coming games, talk about last weeks match ups and injuries. And at halftime and/or after games show some highlights of how some games were won around the league.

  5. Resetting games would also be helpful. Maybe someone left the league.
    Also, being able to chose our opponents instead of random schedules. I’d like to chose my schedule kinda like NCAA used to do where you can chose home and away and who you play.
    This is FAR FETCHED but being able to play any of our 16 games in any order so you can just clear yo schedule at your own pace. The weekly advance is cool but giving the option would be nice too.

  6. Would like to see the team lineup like it was on madden 20 and would like to see where other teams can send draft trades in draft

  7. We would like to play with our team (franchise) on a practice mode vs other opponents

  8. Make it more like ncaa 14 pls. Plus being able to make ur own plays. Sorta like on Wii Madden you could adjust your reciever’s routes to whatever. But also being able to do that with rpo’s and runs and other stuff. I would love to see a qb te shovel option play from shotgun empty quads.

  9. And also PLEASE fix trades. Some r 2 easy and others impossible. Like how can’t I get say Myles Garrett after offering the Browns 2 1st’s and Byron Jones? But yet you can trade almost any decent player plus 1 crappy player or a 6th rnd pick for JC Jackson? Those are just some examples.