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Madden 24 November Title Update

Match Beater: Gun Tight Slots HB Wk – Post Wheel Drag

Playbook: Cincinnati Bengals

Formation: Gun Tight Slots HB Wk

Play: Post Wheel Drag (Match Beater)


  1. Max Protect
  2. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a slant route
  3. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak route
  4. Hot route your running back to a wheel route
  5. Double team the outside most pass rusher on the right and roll that way


  1. Against Cover 4 Quarters, Cover 4 Palms, or Cover 6 match defenses, your running back on the wheel route gets wide open deep

Overview: Make sure that you put your Y/triangle receiver on a slant instead of his normal drag route. That is the key to this play working. We also roll out to the right to take our opponent’s eyes and user defender to the right side of the field because we know our running back will be open on the left.

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