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Madden School Film Room #3 – SE Dig

SE Dig is one nof the most versatile plays in Madden 19. We covered 2 of ourrecommended ways of running it in the Arizona Cardinals Offensive eBook but in this film room, we are going over a few more ways to run it based on what the defense is giving you.

Check it out below.

There are a bunch of different setups for the SE Dig play. There isn’t one specific way to run the play so the setups and reads can all change on the fly.

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  1. What’s the best way to run it if you opponent is user controlling the safety on the B/O receiver side?

    1. Do you know what defense they are in when they are user controlling the safety?

  2. Thanks Ian, this really helped. I would torch people if the pressed, but backed off coverage would be kinda tricky for me. This will help big time

  3. Also, I was in Dubby’s stream when you played him, great way to fight back. The 34 show blitz defense gave him a little trouble, just wondered why you waited so long to run it. Good stuff though.

    1. Definitely should have ran it earlier as it was very effective but I generally prefer feeling out an opponent first and seeing what they want to do on offense. It is much easier to get a sense of what your opponent wants to do when you are in a coverage defense rather than a blitzing defense.

  4. I have been playing around with the HB on a Check and Release, especially on all Trey and Doubles Plays 1. You can tell pretty quickly by how he stays in the pocket if they are blitzing. 2. If it is zone, he typically gets wide open. 3. If he blocks, he still releases which leaves a great bailout option.

  5. why does the se dig not show when i add it in my custom playbook ?

    1. It can sometimes be called “Salem Go” in custom playbooks

      1. it’s just not showing along with other double sets formations. like the whole “split close” set is empty with no plays showing , like some sort of glitch

  6. What do you do against cover 2 man when there is not press coverage?

  7. Great lesson! Thank you!

  8. Se dig seems to have lost its effectiveness since the update vs cover 2