The Seattle Seahawks are one of the best teams in Madden 17.  They have a good offense and one of the best defenses in the game.

We’ve got the full Madden 17 Seattle Seahawks team breakdown below.

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Offensive Strategy: Spread the ball around.  The Seahawks don’t have any truly dominant options on offense like they have had in past Madden games.  However, they still have a lot of talent.  Mix it up on offense and you will be fine.

Defensive Strategy: Turnovers and sacks.  You don’t have to get too aggressive with the Seahawks defense since they are so talented.  However, you will want to put your defense in a position where they  can make big plays.

Impact Players: QB Russell Wilson, HB Thomas Rawls, WR Doug Baldwin, TE Jimmy Graham, LE Michael Bennett, RE Cliff Avril, MLB Bobby Wagner, LOLB K.J. Wright, CB Richard Sherman, FS Earl Thomas III, SS Kam Chancellor

Strengths: Defense.  The Seahawks still have one of the best defenses in Madden 17.  Their secondary is dominant and they have great pass rushers and linebackers.  This defense should be able to win your games by themselves.

Weaknesses: Offensive line.  There is a lot to be desired on the Seahawks offensive line.  They no longer have Marshawn Lynch to run over people so they will need to improve if they want any sort of running game.

Overview: The Seahawks are one of the best teams in Madden 17 even with losing Marshawn Lynch.  Look for a lot of people to use them online.

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