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Madden NFL 17 Minnesota Vikings Team Breakdown

The Vikings come into Madden 17 with a really good team.  Look for them to be one of the most popular teams you see this year.

We’ve got the full Madden 17 Minnesota Vikings team breakdown below.

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Offensive Strategy: Run the ball.  Adrian Peterson is the most dominant running back in Madden 17.  Jerrick McKinnon is one of the best backup running backs in the league, and the Vikings have a decent offensive line to run behind.  Mix in a pass every now and then to keep the defense honest.

Defensive Strategy: Whatever you want.  The Vikings have a great defensive line, some of the best linebackers in the league, and a good secondary.  You have lots of options with the Vikings defense.

Impact Players: QB Teddy Bridgewater, HB Adrian Peterson, HB Jerrick McKinnon, WR Stefon Diggs, TE Kyle Rudolph, LE Brian Robinson, RE Everson Griffen, DT Linvall Joseph, DT Sharrif Floyd, LOLB Anthony Barr, MLB Eric Kendricks, ROLB Chad Greenway, CB Xavier Rhodes, CB Captain Munnerlyn, CB Trae Waynes, FS Harrison Smith

Strengths: Defense.  The Vikings defense is loaded with young talent all over the field.  It will be really tough for your opponents to move the ball against the Vikings.

Weaknesses: Wide Receivers.  The Vikings have decent wide receivers but compared to the rest of the team, they could use some work.

Overview: The Minnesota Vikings are a top 10 Madden 17 team and likely one of the top picks in any Madden 17 franchise due to how much young talent they have.

Vikings fans, what did we miss?  Let us know in the comments.

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7 years ago

What about the special teams? I believe that is a big part of any team that is over looked.

7 years ago

I always feel it’s really hard to win with the vikings. Their line can never hold up long enough for a run or pass to develop. Also recievers never get open and often drop open passes. Defense cant stop run or any short pass. No matter the plays you pick. Also you’re screwed once their offense exposes newman. Aside from all the Bridgewater will fumble 1-2 times a game and will miss open recievers from time to time. Their d line might look good on paper but never get pressure. In whole this team is very hard to win with

7 years ago

The Vikings. Every time I go on there dt Joseph keeps going away and you can never get him back