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Madden NFL 17 Atlanta Falcons Team Breakdown

The Falcons are an interesting team in Madden NFL 17.  They have a lot of really good weapons on offense, but they leave a lot to be desired on the defensive side of the ball.

We’ve got the full Madden 17 Atlanta Falcons team breakdown below.

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Offensive Strategy: Balanced.  The Falcons have good running backs, a good offensive line, a good quarterback, and one of the best wide receivers in the game.  You don’t have to rely on any one part of your offense to move the ball in Madden 17.

Defensive Strategy: Force turnovers.  You’ll have to take some chances with the Falcons defense.  They don’t have the players to match up with the best offenses in the game but they have some talent at specific positions.  Take advantage of guys like Desmond Trufant and Vic Beasley.

Impact Players: QB Matt Ryan, HB Devonta Freeman, HB Tevin Coleman, WR Julio Jones, WR Mohamed Sanu, C Alex Mack, RT Ryan Schrader, LE Derrick Shelby, DT Jonathan Babineaux, LOLB Vic Beasley, CB Desmond Trufant

Strengths: Offense.  The Falcons have a really good offense.  Top to bottom, it is one of the most balanced offenses in the game.

Weaknesses: Defense.  The entire Falcons defense is pretty weak compared to most other Madden NFL 17 teams.  The offense is good enough to compensate for it though.

Overview: The Falcons are a pretty straight forward team.  They have a really good offense and a below average defense.  You should have no trouble putting points on the board, but you will need to come up with some really good defensive schemes if you want to stop anyone.

What did we miss Falcons fans?  Let us know in the comments.

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7 years ago

What are the speed ratings of the Falcons rookies linebackers?