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Madden NFL 16 Detroit Lions Team Breakdown

As long as the Detroit Lions have Calvin Johnson, they will be able to hold their own in Madden games.  With a strong passing attack, a solid front 7, and some impact newcomers, the Lions should be pretty good in Madden 16.

The Madden School Detroit Lions team breakdown for Madden 16 is below.

Team: Detroit Lions

Offensive Strategy: Get the ball to Megatron.  There really isn’t any simpler offense than this in Madden 16.  You have the best receiver in the game and to go along with that he is bigger and faster than everyone on the field.  Your opponent will have to start double or triple teaming him.  At that point, you can go to any of your tight ends or Golden Tate.

Defensive Strategy: Create pressure up front.  The Lions secondary is a little weak but up front they have some good pass rushers and run stoppers.  You will need to get sacks using 3-5 man rushes so that you can drop extra guys into coverage.

Impact Players: QB Matthew Stafford, HB Joique Bell, WR Calvin Johnson, WR Golden Tate, TE Brandon Pettigrew, TE Eric Ebron, TE Joseph Fauria, LE Jason Jones, DT Haloti Ngata, RE Ziggy Ansah, OLB Kyle Van Noy, OLB DeAndre Levy, MLB Stephen Tulloch, CB Darius Slay

Key Newcomers: LG Laken Tomlinson, HB Ameer Abdullah, CB Alex Carter, S Taylor Mays

Strengths: The passing game.  Matthew Stafford can make all of the throws in Madden 16 and people are willing to trade away their entire team to get Calvin Johnson.  Just having those 2 guys would give you an above average offense.  Don’t forget that the Lions also have 3 extremely talented tight ends that the defense will have to respect.

Weaknesses: Secondary.  In order to win in Madden you have to be able to stop the pass.  The Lions don’t have the shut down corners needed to stop some of the most explosive offenses in Madden 16.  Luckily, the Lions offense should score plenty of points so you should only have to get 1 or 2 stops per game to win.

Overview: The Lions are in that great spot for fans where they probably aren’t a top 10 Madden team which means that very few people will play online with them.  However, they are good enough to compete with just about any team if you use them the right way.  They fall in that 10-15 best Madden team range.

What did we miss Lions fans?  Contribute to the Lions team breakdown by leaving a comment.

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  1. You missed the fact that our safeties combined for the most INTs out of every safety duo in the league, and Darius Slay showed massive improvement his rookie year to his 2nd year. Expect to see even more improvement from him as this year, and raise his status to Pro Bowl caliber.

    1. Once again madden nerf ed the Lions. Megatron has only 89 spd and Slay is only an 84. Tomlinson is only a 74 same as Abdullah and Bell got 80 spd. Using the Lions are going to be really tough this year thanks to the Lions haters at the controls of the ratings.

      1. If you look at the ratings as a whole, speed has been nerfed way down this year. There is no one with 99 or 98 speed in the game. Dez Bryant also has 89 speed. Desean Jackson only has 92 speed. So yeah, 89 speed for Megatron seems low, but in comparison it isn’t really that bad. And he will be a beast with the agressive catch feature. I will be interested to see how the game plays.

      2. obviousy you havent noticed the universal speed drops in all players yes i think its bs but thats how ea is doing it now just have to hope there will be a nfl2k17 for now ill stick with madden 15 the last madden that i will be purchasing untill they get there shit together

  2. Megatron is always a problem. Weaker madden players can just literally throw it up to him whenever and however lol. I think the whole dynamic of lions defense will change drastically without SUH & NICK FAIRLEY. Lions are still a difficult team to play always

    1. Good points. I think Ngata will do a decent job of replacing Suh. At least for Madden purposes.

    2. The lions defense in Madden will change with Fairley’s exit, but on the field he was an average player. He could make a play whenever he wanted to, the trouble was that he could rarely be bothered to want to.

  3. Forgot DeAndre Levy on impact players.

    1. Good call. I will add him in