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Madden NFL 15 Dallas Cowboys Team Breakdown

The Dallas Cowboys come into Madden NFL 15 with an average team.  There was a time not too long ago where everyone would use the Cowboys online.  This year only true Cowboys fans will likely use them.  This isn’t to say they are bad.  They just aren’t one of the elite teams that everyone will use.

We have the full team breakdown below.

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  The Cowboys have balance throughout their offense.  They don’t have glaring weakness on offense and that by itself is something that will make their offense extremely dangerous.

Defensive Strategy: Aggressive 4-3.  The key to defense in Madden is forcing turnovers.  This applies even more so when you aren’t using an elite defense.  Send some pressure and take some risks on defense.

Strengths: Balanced offense.  DeMarco Murray is an above average Madden running back.  Tony Romo is mobile and accurate, Jason Witten is as reliable as they come, and Dez Bryant is a top 5 Madden receiver.

Weaknesses: Lack of defensive studs.  If Sean Lee isn’t available to play in Madden 15, the Cowboys defense will struggle a little against some of the top offenses you’ll face online.  They have pieces on defense that are good but they aren’t yet on that elite Madden defense level.

Impact Players: QB Tony Romo, HB DeMarco Murray, WR Dez Bryant, WR Terrance Williams, TE Jason Witten, DE George Selvie, DT Henry Melton, MLB Sean Lee (if available), MLB Justin Durant, ROLB Bruce Carter, CB Brandon Carr, CB Orlando Scandrick, CB Morris Claiborne

Key Newcomers: RG Zack Martin, DE Demarcus Lawrence, DE Jeremy Mincey

Additional Remarks: The Cowboys are a middle of the road team in Madden NFL 15.  They aren’t bad but they aren’t necessarily a team a beginner would want to play with either.

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