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Madden Chatbox

Madden-School offers one of the unique tools in the madden community exclusively on our website.  Our state of the art chatbox allows you to chat with madden ethusiasts in real time.  This allows our users the ability to get answers to their questions isntantly.  We do not make our users posts and then wait an hour or more to see if someone gave them a helful response. 

Our chatbox allows you to interact with not only our staff, but also our entire community of over 16,500 registered madden fans alone.  In order to use it, you must register for our forums.  Our forums are 100% free.  Registration takes 30 seconds, so why wait?  If you have any questions about madden or if you are just looking for some people to talk to, come join us in the chatbox today.

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8 years ago
Reply to  Madden School

chatbox brings back so many memories