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32 Teams in 32 Days- Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers always seem to be one of the most overachieving football teams in the NFL each season. You can kind of look at them the same way in Madden. Though not at the top of the food chain, a very tough team none the less.

Quarterback is definately not the Carolina Panther trademark. Jake Delhomme is a manageable quarterback but far from greatness. Matt Moore came onto the Madden radar after a decent campaign in the 09 season. I would go with Moore at the top of the depth chart. Carolina is a perfect place for a less than perfect quarterback. They have an elite offensive line and some of the best weapons in the game. Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are those weapons. A nice mix of running the ball along with getting Smith the ball should get you on the scoreboard. What the Panthers playbook lacks in pass plays, makes up with an abundance running plays. Look to be a little more on the run heavy side if you go with their playbook.

If speed is your thing, then look no farther than the Panthers defense. All hail the amazing Julius Peppers. There isn’t much this guy can’t do. We all know how disruptive he is in getting into the backfield. He can suprisingly be used in pass coverage. As a good change of pace, try sending him out in the flats or in a hook zone. Both Jon Beason and Thomas Davis are absolute beasts. Both 85+ at speed and 94+ hit power. Big plays on defense come easy with this linebacking corp. In the secondary you have even more speed. Try mixing in man blitzing along with zone blitzing to assure yourself a big play.

Offensive Hot Play
Singleback Bunch
HB Slash

This play is a must. Slide protect to the opposite side you’re running to. Follow your blocks into the secondary for an easy six. Thats it, feel free to use motion to confuse the defense. Great play for 2nd and long.

Defensive Hot Play
46 Normal
SS Blitz

Instant pressure. Move your FS into the box. Reblitz both DT’s and your blitzing LB. Put Julius Peppers in a zone of your choice (optional, can make a easy pick with a rushed throw from the QB) User the blitzing SS off the edge. I like running this anytime Im thinking pass and their not in Shotgun.

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14 years ago

I was playing with the PANTHERS just recently and i had STEVE SMITH burning TERANCE NEWMAN of the COWBOYS and DEANGELO WILLIAMS reminds me of LADAMIAN TOMLINSON back in 06 the way he runs and the PANTHERS are a team that has some weapons to throw to i would say they got three good wr’s of course STEVE SMITH,MUSLIM MUHAMMAD & DWAYNE JARRETT.

A very exsplosive Offense and MOORE plays pretty decent.

14 years ago

PANTHERS! I love it! Can’t wait to see how the big changes effect our team. I know we can adapt and start really gaining momentum. Hopefully Danny Moore gives Jimmy Clausen a good rating, cuz a QB never hurts.

zack venable
zack venable
14 years ago

this is bullshit i kno we are better than a rank of 23

13 years ago

You guys do know Delhomme went to the Browns, right?