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Madden 25 Ultimate Team To Add First Round Rookies

On Thursday May 8th, EA Sports will release 90 overall playable versions of all 32 first round NFL draft picks in Madden 25 Ultimate Team.  They will not have team boosts or chemistry straight out of the pack.  The collections will go live as each player is drafted.  Each collection will include the 90 OVR version and the combine collectable version.

Below are some FAQs and their answers courtesy of EA Sports.

Why do I need another Collectible for this event?
The Collectible is only for those looking to get a special version of a player along with the corresponding coin bonus. The player you pull from Packs is fully playable.

Are these Collectibles only for the first 32 players drafted?
Yes. The entire first round will be represented. As players are drafted, we will begin dropping their respective MUT versions into Packs.

Will a player from the Madden Ultimate Team Community Draft get a live Item even if he’s drafted in Round 2?
Yes, although it won’t happen immediately after the first round. Any players projected to go in the first round from the Community Draft will be released after the draft if they slip to a later round.

Do you have to be online when the players get drafted to receive the Collectible?
Players will be available after the NFL Draft, so you can still get them even after the event ends. Collectibles will also remain in Packs until May 12.

What OVR ratings will the players (first and upgraded) be?
All of the players dropped in packs will be 90 OVR, and the reward will be based on skill and draft position.

Will the unused Collectible discard amounts change after the draft?
No. They will all remain 25 coins.

What happens if we don’t have Collectibles for some draftees?
First-round picks without a Collectible will be dropped into packs during the Draft. They will automatically receive chemistry and team boosts.

What do community MUTDraft players get for participating?
They will receive the Elite, Chem, Boosted version of their team’s selection.

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