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Madden 25 Singleback Ace Close Mini-Scheme

In today’s free Madden 25 tips, Yoda is back and getting ready for Madden 15 by making a little mini scheme out of the Singleback Ace Close.  The whole scheme is built around motioning a tight end to provide extra blocking in the run game as well as making the passing game a little more effective.

If you run the scheme correctly, you should be able to beat man coverage, zone coverage, pressure defense, and anything else you come across in Madden.  Just make sure to mix up you play calls.

The plays covered in this mini scheme are:

  1. HB Stretch
  2. Drag Crossers
  3. HB Power
  4. PA Crosses
  5. Inside Cross

Watch the video below for the exact setups.

SingleBack Ace Close Mini Scheme

Let us know what you’d like help with as you finish out Madden 25 and prepare for Madden 15.

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9 years ago

What play book is this in