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Madden 24 title update october

Madden 24 Title Update Details – October 4th, 2023

A new Madden 24 title update dropped today and features plenty of big changes to franchise mode, Ultimate Team, gameplay, and more.

We’ve got the full details below!



DEV NOTE: The following ability additions are exclusive to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions. 

  • Derrick Henry equipped with Angry Runs
  • When your player is entering the zone, this X-Factor ability grants you an extremely high chance to win your first interaction with a defender. This will include fakeout attempts, truck/stiff arm attempts, and breaking a tackle.
    Pro TipLook for Kyle Brandt’s Angry Runs player of the week to see which players earn this ability in Ultimate Team.
  • Travis Kelce equipped with 3rd Down Threat
  • This Superstar ability grants your player an improved chance of winning contested catches on 3rd down while in single coverage. This will only activate if the pass is within 25 yards of the line of scrimmage.
  • Jason Kelce equipped with Linchpin
  • This Superstar ability causes the center to bolster the entire offensive line, allowing players to hold blocks for a longer period of time then they normally would.
  • Micah Parsons equipped with Dual Threat 
  • When in the zone, this X-Factor ability grants players an extremely high chance to defeat pass blocks while rushing or force catch knockouts while in coverage.
  • Pro Tip: In addition to these abilities being available on base rosters, these new abilities will be available to equip your players with in Ultimate Team.


  • Fixed an issue causing players to warp to their feet after playing a diving catch.
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing running backs from playing catches on swing routes when leading them upfield.
  • Fixed a rare issue allowing defenders to use a one-handed interception through the receiver’s arms.
  • Tuning to reduce the catch success chance for pass rushers when attempting to catch an errant throw-out-of-sack pass.
  • Tuning to reduce the amount of catch-tackle knockouts, specifically targeted at curl routes when leading away from the defender.

Defense & Special Teams

  • Tuning to Real-Time AI adjustment logic so it will not take effect when the defense is using pass coverage/sub defense personnel.
  • DEV NOTE: After hearing your feedback, and looking at the online game stats, we have added additional criteria so the defense will now have to have at least as many defensive linemen and linebackers on the field as the offense has offensive linemen and tight ends in order to activate the benefit of recognizing repeated run plays. For example, a defense aligning in a Dime defense vs. a 1 RB/1 TE offensive formation will now reflect the defense playing to stop the pass instead of the run.
  • Tuning to QB Contain logic so only edge-rush defenders that are very close to the line of scrimmage will be able to get assigned QB Contain.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a blitz exploit where the defense would slant-out the defensive line after using QB Contain to get unrealistic edge heat;  now interior pass rushers will take appropriate rush angles understanding that the edge rushers are in contain.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a user-controlled defender to tackle a punt returner after a fair-catch signal with no penalty.
  • Fixed an issue causing receivers to enter the ‘give-up’ assignment sometimes after a catch in the flat to their side of the field. 
  • Fixed an issue causing kickers to immediately walk toward the sideline after performing a squib kick.
  • Modified the defensive audibles logic so teams can only audible to formations with matching personnel.
  • DEV NOTE: Previously users were only able to audible to different defensive sets within a defensive formation but we were not looking at substitutions that were made prior to the audible. Users will no longer be able to audible to a Set that puts their substituted Safety on the Defensive Line. Users will have the ability to audible from Nickel to Dime if they have substituted a Linebacker with a Defensive Back which they could not do before.
  • Fixed an issue causing a user-controlled defensive lineman to sometimes get stuck in his stance after shifting the line to the right in the Nickel, 4-4 and 3-4 formations.
  • Fix an issue allowing users to snap the ball too quickly on no-huddle plays (carrying forward the fix from the last title update that was made to the Competitive Game Style).


  • Fixed an issue where the AI-controlled team would burn their last timeout early and would sometimes not attempt field goals with the clock expiring.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI-controlled teams to attempt long field goals when out of range.


  • Tuning Pitch/Lateral accuracy to make it more difficult/risky to perform long-distance laterals while moving in opposite directions.
  • DEV NOTE: Users were able to create unrealistic long pitch plays using the Speed Option to draw the defense in, then pitch the ball to a player really far away. Now the pitch will not be as accurate when attempting to pitch such a far distance and the facing angle of the QB will also be taken into account. 
  • Fixed a visual issue preventing the Skill-Based Passing power bar from updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the user-setting to hide the passing meter from carrying over into gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Broncos QB Russell Wilson and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes to throw on the run with no accuracy penalty.
  • Fixed an issue causing an inaccurate pass when rolling out and pass leading to the inside of a TE in the flat with ‘Perfect Accuracy’ feedback, 
  • Tuning to reduce ‘backfoot’ pass animations from triggering when not under pressure. 


  • Added pass block logic to address several common exploit blitzes out of 4-3 Even, 6-1 Sam Will Blitz, 3-4 Odd Pinch Buck 0, Dollar 3-2 Cover 2 LB Blitz, Nickel Triple Tampa 2 and Nickel 3-3 Cub Mike Blitz 0.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing a defensive player to warp out of a super-win pass-rush animation into a post-play animation.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the right guard from having the correct blocking target on Pistol Tight Slots PA Post Shot.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the right tackle from engaging in a block on Gun Wing Flex Offset Mesh when targeting a defensive tackle.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ‘Check-and-Release’ route to release too quickly on the Gun Empty Chips Tight Deep Post Out play.
  • Tuning and improvements to lead-blocker logic for pulling blockers on plays like HB Base and Quick Toss. 
  • Fixed an issue allowing edge defenders to immediately shed the TE on Toss plays.
  • Fixed an issue preventing tackles from blocking the DE’s on the Gun Empty Base Flex RPO Peek Q Draw play.
  • Tuning to reduce frequency of WR’s repeatedly re-engaging DB’s far down the field when open-field blocking. 


  • Fixed an issue preventing the ‘Speed Onside’ recovery option from always populating in the play-call screen. 
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing the snap after flipping a play due to a misaligned WR.
  • Fixed a typo showing Packers Bench in the Broncos playbook. 
  • Fixed an issue causing the left end to get stuck in his pre-snap animation after pinching or crashing the D-line in the Dime Rush formation. 

Pass Coverage

  • Fixed an issue allowing receivers to break away from defenders when pass-leading back on streak routes. 
  • Fixed an issue in Cover 4 Match leaving the post route uncovered when using a hot-route to streak the TE on the Gun Doubles Z Close Escape play
  • Fixed an issue preventing the curl-flat defender from using a zone-chuck and leverage the flat vs. a slot receiver in 3-receiver bunch formations. 
  • Addressed the following Cover 4 Match Coverage issues:
  • Gun Trey Y Flex Verticals – Slot receiver left uncovered (Palms specific)
  • Gun Trips TE PA Slot Corner – Slot WR left uncovered when motioning the inside Slot 
  • Gun Trips TE Verticals – Slot Receiver left uncovered
  • Gun Y Tight Off Flood Drive – Tight End left uncovered
  • Gun Tight Slots Bench – Slot Corner Route left uncovered with outside streak
  • Gun Flex Y Off Close PA Post Shot – Slot Wide Receiver left open
  • Gun Trips TE Pats Y In – Outside Wide on Post left uncovered
  • Gun Trips TE PA Slot Corner – Inside Slot Receiver left uncovered
  • Gun Trey Y Flex Levels Switch – Tight End left uncovered 
  • Gun U Off Trips PA TE Out – Slot receiver on hitch left uncovered


  • Fixed Jaylen Waddle’s “The Waddle” TD celebration which played at the wrong speed while his arms were bent incorrectly.
  • Addressed a rare issue causing receivers to signal a First Down in the wrong direction following a dive-catch.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Justin Jefferson from using his signature ‘Griddy’ celebration. 
  • Fixed a rare issue causing teammates to spin in place when trying to join a team celebration. 
  • Fixed a rare issue preventing AI-controlled defenders from celebrating after returning an INT for a TD.


  • Fixed an issue with downloaded draft classes where all edited prospects would not appear correctly after being downloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where players in generated draft classes had body types that did not match their height and weight.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s college would appear as N/A when it was edited prior to being uploaded.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s height would change to 0’0” after editing a player from a downloaded draft class.
  • Fixed an issue where downloaded draft classes were not saving the handedness of players.
  • Fixed an issue where Training Camp would become locked for users when joining a league.
  • Fixed an issue where the previous week’s game wasn’t showing up on the team schedule banner in the main hub.
  • Fixed an issue where IR players could take up a Focus Player slot in Weekly Strategy causing it to appear blank.
  • Fixed an issue where news stories would incorrectly refer to a game going to overtime.
  • Fixed an issue where a news story had teams reversed when referring to one of them dominating the game.
  • Weekly Strategy Reps Tuning
  • DEV NOTE: We’ve adjusted the levels at which CPU teams will switch to using the Split and Backups options during Weekly Strategy in order to keep their players more “fresh” near the end of the season. This should help remedy an issue that sometimes occurred where players would be too fatigued to play later in the year and the playoffs.
  • Fixed an issue where the halftime report would show incorrect information in a multi-user league.
  • Fixed an issue causing some AI-controlled QB’s to use incorrect archetype logic in Franchise mode. 


  • MUT Menu Program panel and the MUT Menu Play panel should now correctly update progression.
  • Links inside the H2H Field pass should now function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were getting soft locked after exiting a coin challenge.
  • Fixed an issue where playbook names and logos were not showing up under My Team after switching tabs.
  • Fixed an issue on the rewards screen that displayed a reward for completing 1 star regardless of how many stars were completed.
  • The catalog should now correctly display what abilities are locked via stats requirements.
  • The auction house will now show if you are the highest bidder.
  • Fixed an issue where the bid count and time remaining were inverted.
  • Improved the visibility of the second chemistry on player cards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused strategy items to become cut off on the bottom if there were more than 6.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would lock for some users after completing a MUT Squads H2H game.
  • Fixed an issue where the currency bar would be missing after completing a Solo Battles game while in the Solo Battles Hub.
  • Fixed the location of the lock icon in the item binder.
  • Reskinned the Single Item Viewer.
  • The progress bar on the rewards tab will now show full after completing a Field Pass.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting and reentering a locked card in the new item viewer would cause it to unlock.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when exiting the edit current uniform screen.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error while entering House Rules.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an invalid lineup error when entering challenges with an ability active.
  • Field pass logos will now display when partially filling a progress bar.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would soft lock if the same team was picked twice in SSKO after canceling the draft.
  • Correctly aligned the scoreboard in SSKO Tug of War games.


  • Added WR gameplay logic for AI-controlled receivers to use all available catch mechanics (Aggressive, Possession, RAC)
  • Fixed an issue where not all gameday missions were reflected under the Missions tab.
  • Fixed an issue where progression was lost after staying idle and getting a timeout error.
  • Fixed an issue where rewards were not granted after completing the Combine and Draft.
  • Fixed an issue where side activity rewards didn’t match Game Day Container boosts.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was taken to the main menu instead of the Superstar Launcher after playing any week game.
  • Fixed an issue where abilities weren’t loading into the game in the second year.
  • Fixed an issue where the Combine Interview was not selectable after placing skill points.
  • Centered the Barbell in the Combine Bench press activity.
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar information did not transfer correctly to the game after signing the contract.
  • Fixed an issue where boosts were seen without completing any side activities before Pre Season Game 1.
  • Fixed an issue where a Showdown Squads Ranked game would not start.
  • Fixed an issue in Showdown where users who canceled out of a group fill were not able to Squad back up without returning to the hub. 
  • Fixed an issue in Showdown where squads could occasionally not progress into the event. 
  • Fixed an issue in Showdown that occasionally caused users to wait to join a squad lobby. 
  • Polished various Animation and Audio elements.
  • Polished various UI/Interface elements.
  • Fixed various UI/Interface and Text typos.


  • Added new uniform pieces to New Alt’s being used this year:
    • Colts – Helmet and Socks
    • Vikings – Helmet and Socks
    • Titans – Helmet and Socks
    • Seahawks – Helmet and Socks
    • Jets – Helmet and Socks
    • Eagles – Helmet and Socks
    • Buccaneers – Helmet and Socks
    • Broncos – Helmet
  • Added new cleats:
    • Adidas Adizero Impact Plus
    • Adidas Adizero Impact
    • Adidas Adizero Electric Plus
    • Adidas Adizero Electric
  • Fixed nameplate spacing on Chargers uniforms.
  • Updated Baker Mayfield Hair and Beard.
  • Fixed Issue with Jordan 1 Retro Low right cleat.
  • Fixed Panthers collar color on White jersey.
  • Updated Jaguars patch colors on all 3 jerseys.
  • Added new Face scans into game:
    • Nolan Smith – Eagles LOLB
    • Brock Purdy – 49ers QB
    • Alex Highsmith – Steelers ROLB
    • David Ojabo – Ravens ROLB
    • Jordan Addison – Vikings WR
    • Paris Johnson Jr. – Cardinals RT
    • Kamren Curl – Commanders SS
    • John Metchie III – Texans WR
  • Fixed Helmet placement on a number of players.


  • Fixed an issue where injuries with medium or low risk of re-injury were too often showing the injured player walking to the tunnel.
  • Fixed an issue with MUT Challenges sometimes ending with a long and unskippable touchdown flow.
  • Fixed an issue in MUT where an incorrect player would appear in place of the QB in huddle.
  • Fixed an issue with showing the wrong head coach when a timeout is called by the defense.
  • Improved post play camera selection logic for on-field shots in online H2H games.


  • Player Portraits – Various player portrait fixes
  • General – Various polish updates to UI
  • Stability – Various stability updates


  • Fixed the issue with music volume during drills in Superstar.
  • Fixed the issue of team specific chants firing inaccurately.
  • Various commentary bugs were fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with stadium music not functioning properly.
  • Updated the sound design for new MUT Reveals.
  • Fixed the sync issue with audio during Combine Intro and Outro.
  • Ongoing adjustments to the overall mix to give the players a more immersive experience.
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