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Madden 24 January Title Update

Madden 24 Title Update Details – January 10th, 2024

A new Madden 24 title update is now live on all systems.

We’ve got the full details below.


  • Fixed an issue preventing defenders equipped with ‘Edge Threat’ from using non-engaged pass rush moves.
  • DEV NOTE: We have adjusted the tolerances for non-engaged pass rush moves to trigger more. This fix will allow pass rushers to use pass-rush moves that trigger before they get engaged by a blocker. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Conductor Ability was not granting the user 2 adjustments as the QB was walking to the line.
  • Tuning to fatigue logic so defenders who are not dedicated pass rushers will suffer a more severe fatigue penalty when engaging with a pass blocker that is significantly bigger than them.  
  • DEV NOTE: With the prevalence of Defensive Back blitzes being used as staple defenses, we noticed that there were many cases where the DB would get picked up by a Tight End or an Offensive Lineman that was significantly bigger and stronger than the defensive back but the blitzing DB would be able to engage in this mismatch over and over again without fatiguing. Now if a defender who is not a dedicated pass rusher having a Power Move and Finesse Move rating below 70 engages in a blocking mismatch where they are outweighed by 90 lbs or more, they will suffer a significant fatigue hit.  
  • General Stability fixes

Franchise Mode

  • With our Franchise Cross Play Live Beta, Cloud Franchise leagues can now include users of all supported Crossplay platforms. Crossplay is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®5, and PC platforms.* Internet connection, all game updates & EA account required. Check the League Settings to enable Crossplay* today!
  • DEV NOTE:  Please note that this feature is in live beta and can be implemented in any league. However, please note we strongly recommend that you start a new Franchise file for Crossplay in the event our team would need to temporarily disable the feature during the live beta. 

Ultimate Team

  • Fixed a crash that would happen if the user clicked the “Show Quicksell” button on a locked pack in the New Item Flow.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to become stuck on the archive tab in field pass.
  • Fixed an issue with leaderboards that were not updating data when switching between this week and previous week.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong playbooks were being used in MUT Practice Mode.
  • Corrected various visual bugs and text overlaps.
  • Improved performance of many UI transitions.

Superstar Mode

  • Various stability updates


  • Over 600 player and generic portrait updates
  • Various stability updates
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