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Madden 23 Title Update December

Madden 23 Title Update #5 (12/8/22) Full Details

The December title update for Madden 23 is now out on all systems. It features various fixes to playbooks, gameplay, and different modes.

The biggest surprise in this update is the addition of practice mode in Madden Ultimate Team.

Check out the full details below!

Play & Playbook Fixes

  • Houston Texans Live Playbook – Fixed play-art issue on the I-Form Pro: HB Toss plays
  • Kansas City Chiefs Playbook – Fixed the alignment on the Gun Deuce Close: RPO Read Flat Wheel, causing a WR to line up beyond LOS resulting in a false start penalty
  • Arizona Cardinals Live Playbook – Pistol Wing: RPO Alert Smoke, has been converted to a Power O play
  • New Orleans Saints Live Playbook: Gun heavy formation was removed from the playbook
  • MUT Alternate Offense Madden NFC playbook – Pistol Ace: Jet Sweep – Fixed an issue where after the snap the QB would not hand the ball off to the receiver running the sweep and stood frozen.


  • Fixed an issue giving a catch-chance that was way too high for lower rated receivers on contested high-ball catches
  • Fixed an issue allowing receivers to catch tipped passes when they shouldn’t have

Pass Coverage

  • Tuning to man-coverage positioning for defensive backs when covering slower receivers, decreasing the amount of cushion so that the defender can better make plays on the ball
  • Fixed an issue allowing user-controlled defenders to automatically trigger interception catches without any user input

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the backside offensive tackle would not pick up the defensive end on run plays especially when facing formations like Dollar
  • Modified the Deep Out Elite ability so receivers would not get a 100% catch chance when the receiver is in double coverage
  • Fixed an issue where the Focused Kicker ability was not working on PATs.
  • Addressed an issue where the Receiver Route Play Art would not appear for certain routes after the offense would do a No Huddle
  • Fixed an issue preventing receivers from beating outside shade when running short in-breaking routes
  • Fixed an issue causing receivers to beat the press to the outside instead of the inside vs. outside shade defenders when running post routes

Franchise Updates:

  • Dev Note: Since Title Update 4 launched, we have been working hard to improve Franchise Mode. Since then we have fixed two of the highest priority issues: the 32 User Online Franchise Bug and the Draft Revert Bug. Rest assured we are not done and are working towards more fixes for you in the future. 

Face of the Franchise Updates:

  • Tuning to REP to better align the rewards between the LB and CB positions for defensive actions and achievements, including teammate sacks, assisted tackles and defensive touchdowns.
  • DEV NOTE: Through progression and gameplay data, we were seeing differing rewards for the same actions across the LB and CB positions. This tuning will align the rewards for defensive-position progression closer to offensive-position progression that began in the last title update. 
  • Stability improvements

Madden Ultimate Team Updates:

  • MUT Practice Mode – We are happy to announce that this title update will be including one of the top requested features from our players with Practice Mode. Players will now have a purpose built environment to test out their lineups and strategies before they take them into the competitive arena.
  • This mode will include the standard settings that are available to players in our regular Practice Mode with the addition of a hot button to take you directly to your lineup. This means players can change players and playbooks without having to back out of the screen.
  • Additionally, players can set their Practice Type, Skill Level and Game Style to simulate any kind of challenge they might face in MUT.
  • Superstar X-Factors and Superstar Abilities are enabled so users can easily test and experiment with all abilities available in Ultimate Team.
  • X-Factors will function as normal in MUT Practice mode. Players will be able to complete the activation steps and power up, then completing the deactivation criteria will turn the X-Factor off.
  • At this time, this feature does not include 2nd controller support, but we are aware how important that functionality is to our players and we are investigating adding it.
  • 4K UI scaling fixes across various MUT features
  • Variety of Server Error fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Player Item stats would temporarily show 0’s after an auction or trade
  • Variety of fixes related to overlapping text on various screens
  • Fixed Pack Opening animations not playing after pressing “Open Next”
  • Fixed and issue where some Set filters caused Sets to lose functionality

The Yard Updates:

  • Various Stability and Bug Fixes

Superstar KO Updates:

  • Various Stability and Bug Fixes

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