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Madden 22 Running Tip From Singleback Wing Pair

In today’s Madden 22 tip, we are going over a way to run the football in one of the most common offensive formations in the game: Singleback Wing Pair.

The video below explains it all in detail!

Madden 22: Singleback Wing Pair Running Technique

Playbook: Most playbooks

Formation: Singleback Wing Pair

Play: HB Stretch (or any outside run play)


  1. (Optional) Use the 6 offensive linemen package
  2. Motion your outside most tight end to the right and snap it right away

Overview: Wht you’ll notice is the defensive line will shift to the left when yor put your tight end in motion to the right. This opens up all kinds of running room and can lead to some huge gains.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Notice how the defensive line starts shifted to the right by default.

When we motion our tight end out to the right, the defensive line shifts back to the left and we snap it right away.

You can see we have a huge hole to run through on the right side of the screen and it should lead to an easy first down.

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