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Madden 21: Y Off Trio Wk – Deep In

In this free Madden School tip, Mazin is back to go over one of his favorite plays in Madden 21.

It may not result in a touchdown every time, but if you make your reads correctly, it can be a nightmare to defend this play even if you know it’s coming.

Check out the full video analysis below!

Madden 21: Gun Y Off Trio Wk - Deep In

Playbook: Run Heavy

Formation: Y Off Trio Wk

Play: Deep In


  1. Put the B/circle receiver on a slant route
  2. Put the tight end on a block and release flat route
  3. Put the slot receiver on a streak route


  1. Your first read is the slant route quick over the middle
  2.  Your second read is the post route right out of the break
  3.  Then you have a high low read with either the slant or post crossing the field, whichever route the opponent does not user
  4. Your final read is a low ball pass to the running back after he stops moving

Overview: This is one of my favorite plays in Madden, and I have posted its effectiveness for the last 4 years. The setup is slightly changed this year just to fit how the game plays, but it is just as deadly as in years past.

I like to have a slant to create a high low read with two crossing routes over the middle, so I can attack my opponents user and put them in a bind.

New to this year’s play is the added option of a low ball to the RB, as that route acts similar to a curl and cuts off the defender.

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