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Madden 21 Weekend League Rewards For This Week And The Month Of September

Weekend League is now live inside of Madden 21 Ultimate Team. You can play up to 25 games Thursday night through Sunday each week and try to win as many games as possible.

The more games you win, the better your rewards. Weekend League has always provided some of the best and easiest rewards in Madden.

We’ve got the information for what those rewards are for both this week and for the entire month of September.

Check it out the weekly rewards below.

Madden 21 Weekend League Rewards

These rewards will go out Tuesday around 2 PM EST. Please keep in mind that rewards are rolled out and go in phases so you may not get your rewards at that exact time.

There are 3 weekends in September where you can play weekend league. Your total from those weekends are added up to give you monthly rewards.

Check those out below.

Madden 21 September Weekend League Rewards

The monthly rewards for September are scheduled to go out on Thursday, October 8th around 2 PM EST.

Have questions about Madden 21 Weekend League rewards? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to get more wins in weekend league, our Madden 21 eBooks can definitely help you!

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