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Madden 21 Red Zone Money Play: I Form Tight – Stretch Alert U Pop

Scoring in the red zone is hard. In today’s Madden 21 tip, we are going over a play you can use to punch the ball into the end zone.

Check it out below!

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: I Form Tight

Play: Stretch Alert U Pop


  1. None Required


  1. If the middle linebacker runs in to stop the run throw to your X/square tight end on the slant.

Overview: This is a really great play to use when you are in the goaline because the linebacker will have to choose what he wants to stop, and you can make the decision after he makes his decision.

RPO’s are great on the goal line, but this one stands out because rather than being in shotgun, you are in I Form tight which has great run blocking. This is a play that you can use all over the field because of the run blocking, but if you save it for the red zone you will be able to score easy touchdowns.

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