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Madden 21 Money Play: Gun Doubles – RPO Zone Peek

It is always nice to have a simple but effective play you can call anytime you need 10 yards. In today’s free Madden 21 tip, we are going over an RPO play that will definitely frustrate your opponent.

Note: This tip works on both current gen consoles and next gen consoles.

Check it out below!

Madden 21 Money Play: Gun Doubles - RPO Zone Peek

Playbook: Los Angeles Chargers

Formation: Gun Doubles

Play: RPO Zone Peek


  1. None required


  1. Just look to your tight end and throw it to him if he is open

Overview: This is an incredibly simple play with very easy reads. If you miss the throwing window to the tight end, feel free to just run it with your quarterback.

If you wait too long to throw the ball, you may get an inelgible receiver downfield penalty.

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3 years ago

any other RPO’s you recommend for next gen?

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