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Madden 2011 Strategy for the San Diego Chargers

Whenever the Chargers are brought up in conversations relating to Madden, rocket-catching always follows. If rocket catching is in Madden 11, the Chargers offense will be super effective. If rocket-catching is not a part of the game, the San Diego Chargers will still be super effective. Led by Antonio Gates, a suspended Vincent Jackson, and the ever elusive Darren Sproles, the Chargers offense is top notch with or without the rocket-catch. If Phillip Rivers had good arm strength, the offense would be unstoppable. Get the rookie Ryan Matthews on the field as much as possible, but don’t sacrifice Sprole’s playing time. Find a way to get both of them on the field (Dual HB package) and you will have 5 real playmakers on the field at all times in Rivers, Gates, Jackson, Matthews, and Sproles.
madden 11 san diego chargers

The loss of Antonio Cromartie won’t hurt the Chargers too much in the NFL. In Madden, the loss of Cromartie is devastating. Cromartie made that defense what it was for years in Madden. Even with a good front seven, the Chargers defense will be hard to use.  They are one of the only defenses in recent Madden history without any players who have 90+ speed.  Don’t worry too much because if you are a good offensive player, it won’t be a problem because you should score 40+ points a game with this team.

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13 years ago

4 verticals with antonio gates in the middle of the field works every time!!!!


jeffrey madden
jeffrey madden
13 years ago

thanks,because i play with the chargers online and with franchise,and i have been getting killed in the passing game,i use a little dime and nickle for some help in the passing game,still use athe 3-4,but not as much.