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Madden 20 update 1.10

Madden 20 Update 1.10 Now Available

EA Sports has released the latest title update for Madden NFL 20 and it is now available for download on Xbox One, PS4 and also the PC. Madden 20 update 1.10 is full of new features and it fixes many of the issues that Madden players have been experiencing in both presentation and during actual gameplay.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this latest title update is the addition of Superstar Abilities for offensive lineman. As always, the pros at Madden School have all the details, key highlights and game fixes.

Here all of the new Superstar abilities as well as the players who have been equipped with the abilities as taken from the EA Sports Madden NFL 20 website.

Offensive Linemen have been added as Superstars, with new run blocking and pass blocking Superstar Abilities

Edge Protector – Reduces edge pass rusher’s chance of successful rush move

Superstars equipped: Packers LT David Bakhtiari, Redskins LT Trent Williams, Cowboys LT Tyron Smith, Chiefs RT Mitchell Schwartz

Post Up – Improves blocker’s ability to hold double team blocks (both run & pass)

Superstars equipped: Eagles RG Brandon Brooks, 49ers LT Joe Staley, Rams LT Andrew Whitworth, Cowboys RG Zack Martin, Giants RG Kevin Zeitler

Pass Block Elite – Holds blocks longer when pass blocking

Superstars equipped: Steelers LG David DeCastro, Eagles RG Brandon Brooks

Zone Blocker – Holds blocks longer on zone-blocked run plays

Superstars equipped: 49ers LT Joe Staley, Falcons C Alex Mack, Redskins LT Trent Williams, Cowboys RG Zack Martin

Power Blocker – Holds blocks longer on gap-blocked plays

Superstars Equipped: Eagles C Jason Kelce

Threat Detector – Detects/indicates extra blitzers on 3rd and 4th down plays

Not equipped to any player on the default roster, but will be available to earn in MUT & Franchise

All Day – Increases wait-timer between pass-rush move attempts by the defender when engaged on passing plays

Superstars equipped: Packers LT David Bakhtiari, Cowboys LT Tyron Smith

Nasty Streak – Frequently impact blocks smaller defenders when blocking in space

Superstars equipped: Colts LG Quenton Nelson, Eagles RT Lane Johnson, Eagles C Jason Kelce

Puller Elite – More effective at winning blocking engagements when pulling on run plays

Superstars equipped: Colts LG Quenton Nelson, Steelers LG David DeCastro

Secure Protector (already available in MUT/Franchise prior to update) – Significant reduction to pass rusher’s chance to use a quick shed move or edge rush on passing plays

Superstars equipped: Saints LT Terron Armstead, Raiders C Rodney Hudson, Rams LT Andrew Whitworth

The new offensive lineman abilities should bring about new strategies and Madden players who figure out the best ways to use these new Superstar abilities with their O-lineman will have the early advantage. To go with these new abilities is a brand new gameplay feature in the form of a pre-play mechanic.Madden 20 update 1.10

Madden fans have probably noticed the new ‘pass block double team mechanic’ on their pre-play passing adjustments menu. The new mechanic takes the place of the ‘pinch’ adjustment, which allowed users to adjust their pass blocking, or run blocking, to crash down to the inside and block the middle of the defensive line and linebackers after a play starts.

Check out the details and notes from the EA site below:

New Pre-Play Mechanic: Pass Block Double Team mechanic added to Pass Blocking Adjustments, replacing the Pinch adjustment. 

  • How it works: In the Pass Blocking adjustments pre-play menu, you can now target a defender aligned on the line of scrimmage for a pass-block double team. You can do this by opening the Pass Protection menu with R1/RB, and selecting the bottom option: ‘Double Team’ (this new mechanic is replacing the Pinch Adjustment, which has been removed globally). Once in this state, you’ll be shown a ‘D2’ indicator that you can move around with the LS, and then lock in your double team target by pressing A/X. While this can be bluffed on running plays and play-action, it will only assign a double team on dropback passing plays.

Madden 20 update 1.10 has a long list of tuning fixes and gameplay updates plus new features that you can read all about on the Madden 20 site. Check back regularly with Madden School for all of the latest news and developments from around the world of Madden 20.

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