Stickwork is back with his first free Madden 20 money play of the year. Simple, easy reads are always what you will want to go for at the beginning of any Madden game.

That’s what we have for you today. An effective play that will keep moving the ball down the field.

Check it out below.

Playbook: New York Jets

Formation: Gun Bunch TE

Play: X Spot


  1. Put the X/Square receiver on a streak
  2. Put the A/X tight end on an in route
  3. Block the running back


  1. The first read on this play is the B/O receiver in the flats
  2. If that is not there look to the A/X tight end quick over the middle
  3. If everything underneath is covered then look for the Y/Triangle receiver

Overview: This play is very effective against all common coverages in Madden. There is the high/low read on the left side of the field, with the tight end coming across the middle. The video also shows some wrinkles you can add to the play to make it even more effective.

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