EA Sports has added a new defensive formation in Madden 19 called Big Nickel Over G. You will notice some new plays as well such as Cover 4 Quarters, Cover 4 Palms, Cover 6 Invert, Cover 6 Trap and a few more.

You can check out an early look at the formation and play art below.


This is how the formation looks. Notice that there are 3 safeties on the field.

This first screen doesn’t show too many new plays.


You can see the new Cover 4 Quarters play above.

This is another screen with no new plays.

Cover 6 Invert is a very intriguing new play in Madden 19.


This image shows Cover 4 Palms and Cover 6 Trap. They are both new plays to this year’s game.

This screen shows some new blitzes as well coming to Madden NFL 19.

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