Remember the days of saving up 30k+ XP so you could increase your new rookie wide receiver’s speed 1 point from 95 to 96 instead of spending that XP on things like route running, catching and awareness? That has all come to an end.

EA Sports has replaced the old XP progression system with a new system where you don’t get to choose which attribute gets increased in Madden 19.  Instead, you can apply your skill points into one of 4 player archetypes. The players that fit that skill position archetype then get a +1 increase in overall rating.


A few other notable changes include:

  • Slow, Normal, Quick, and Superstar development has been changed to Normal, Quick, Star and Superstar.
  • You can no longer purchase player traits like Clutch
  • Overhauled regression system so players don’t automatically lose the same ratings after a certain age

There are 8 offensive schemes and 6 defensive schemes you can select inside your franchise. Good GMs will try to pick players with archetypes that fit well within these schemes.

  • Offensive Schemes: Spread, West Coast Zone Run, West Coast Power Run, Vertical Zone Run, Vertical Power Run, Multiple Power Run, Multiple Zone Run, Run and Shoot
  • Defensive Schemes: Base 4-3, Multiple 4-3, Base 3-4, Multiple 3-4, Tampa 2, 46

You will be able to see a player’s scheme fits while scouting them so you will have a better sense of who to draft.

Just like in other game modes, you will be able to take advantage of all 7 of the new depth chart positions in Madden 19. You can check out all of our latest information inside of our Madden 19 news hub.


What do you think of these changes to franchise mode? Let us know in the comments.

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