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Madden 18 Philadelphia Eagles Full Player Ratings

The full Madden 18 ratings for every player on the Philadelphia Eagles can be found below.  Feel free to search, sort, and browse to find what you are looking for.

The players are sorted by overall (highest to lowest) by default but you can sort using any rating you like.

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  1. How is Elijah Qualls (7th Round Draft Pick This Year) better than Rasul Douglas (3rd Round Draft Pick This Year) when he’s been having an impressive offseason this year in training camp. Also Rasul Douglas is a projected starting CB for the Philadelphia once the regular season starts when Elijah Qualls is our 3rd string Defensive Tackle…

    EA must have blanked out and not done research on Rasul Douglas…

  2. How is carson wentz a 79 he had no receivers last year and he did good with out them he should atleast be a 84

    1. Carson as a rookie faced 5 division winners SEA GB ATL PITT DAL defeating three of them (PITT ATL DAL). Eagles beat the powerhouse Vikings when they were undefeated. Their schedule also featured 3 second place teams NYG BAL DET. In total 7 teams Eagles faced went to the playoffs. of their 9 losses, 6 were by 7pts or less! (-5 to the Giants) (lost by 1 pt. to DET and BAL) lost by 6 in overtime to Dallas (Dax by the way was 19-39) and twice by 7 to the Redskins. Carson should have been given the same treatment Titans QB was given, but no, anyone who touches an Eagles uni gets his ratings trashed. And it started with DeMarco who went from a 94 speed to an 89 but when he left for the Titans, his speed remained the same. I tell EA, you can glitch us, trash our Madden team, but what are you gonna do once the real NFL season starts? Absolutely nothing…So have your fun with the servers and A.I antogonizing gameplay. We don’t care anyway.

      1. Too bad the win you’re citing against the cowboys was week 17 and we rested our starters by mid way through the second quarter and we were obliterating you.

        1. Obliterated? You won a game in OT where we made Dak look silly. Shut up and go to your cowboys inflated ratings

  3. EA does not hide its hate for the Eagles. Last year’s post Super Bowl update ratings was a “F-U and your 7-9 season” 79 overall. How does Dallas get a 92 offense 82 defense and a 4 point jump to 91? Seattle gets a 89 defense, 83 offense, and common sense 86 overall. But EA always has to start trouble with us for no reason. 86 defense 82 offense plus Sproles as special teams pro bowler would have gotten us a bit over 84 ovr. But instead EA jack azzes wants to make a joke and drop us 5 points instead. Jesus Christ. If we have to suffer at their hands then give us madden for free.

    1. Did you say special teams pro bowler earns Sproles an 85? Then give Matthew Slater a 95.

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    Corey Clement/Marcus Johnson/Greg ward says:

    Seem to be missing some eagles EA…

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      Marcus Smith & Allen Barbre says:

      Are still on the team though ?

  5. Thank You!!! I thought I was cRaZy!!! My Wife & Son listen to me rant for months about the same nonsense!!! Why EA??? Did you out source the AI to England? I know the NFL is trying to get their attention, but C’mon! I love this website & will lock it in for tip for sure. But, someone’s gotta read these post. Feels like discrimination to me. looks fantastic! Please get these Post to EA, Jeffrey Laurie, The Supreme Court, or Whoever!! Enough!!

  6. I’m a die hard eagles fan and how the HELL is brandon brooks an 89 overall. I watched every game and he couldn’t block or protect Carson or not get a false start or holding penalty. Also how the FUCK did Malcolm Jenkins get only an 85 overall I have never seen such shit. I honestly thought he played better the fletcher cox (who I love) so I just don’t understand how he got 85 someone help me understand. Don’t even get me started on the 79 rated Carson wentz bullshit

    1. Same B.S. every year… And Malcolm Jenkins’ zone coverage is lower than Jordan Hicks’ who actually went down 2 pts from 89 to 87. Belay my last… His is second to last for all our DB’s at 76!!!! Madden has ALWAYS treated us with major bias on ratings and in-game play! No SUPERBOWL = No Respect.
      FUCK MADDEN…. I’m still gonna smash gamers with them!!!!!!!!

    2. I’m extremely irate!!! 62 man coverage with only 76 zone coverage?! We’re talking about MALCOM JENKINS people.

  7. How is Derek Barnett only a 75 with a lot of 2nd and 3rd round players ratings are better than his?!?????

    1. And Myles Garrett is an 83! Barnett has three times as many sacks as Garrett so far this preseason!!!

  8. Jordan Hicks is better than 85. Give him an 88 or 89 Madden! He’s a stud!

  9. There are so many issues with the ratings on a lot of these guys. Im not asking for Mack Hollins to be an 80 and Wentz to be a 95. But how is Cox only 91? (Should be 94). Ertz and Hicks only 85? (Should be 88 or 89). Wentz only 79 when hes top 3 young franchize quarterbacks? He should be an 82-84. Foles should be around 75 and Douglas, Hollins, Pumphrey, Smallwood, and Agholor should all be at least 73. EA goes again fucking over all Eagles ratings. Someone mentioned something earlier that stuck, I was playing with the Eagles online the other day and this was the rating: 86 Defense 82 Offense 79 Overall……. HOW? HOW IS OVERALL LOWER THAN DEFENSE AND OFFENSE? IT SHOULD BE THE AVERAGE OF THE TWO! FUCK YOU E.A. SPORTS