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Madden 18 Oakland Raiders Full Player Ratings

The full Madden 18 ratings for every player on the Oakland Raiders can be found below.  Feel free to search, sort, and browse to find what you are looking for.

The players are sorted by overall (highest to lowest) by default but you can sort using any rating you like.

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  1. Marshawn Lynch should be a 88-91 OVR!

  2. Many of these ratings are insulting Cooper and Carr should be at least 90 + but none are as bad as Reggie Nelson. The dude had 5 picks last year, made the pro bowl and was the best defender not named Kahlil Mack. He deserves at least an 85 if not higher

  3. Marshawn Lynch deserves to be a 99 overall, base player… the greatest running back in the NFL today. Not the best ever, but the best in the league, along with Adrian Peterson, Le’Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, and Devonta Freeman.

    1. these ratings are too high for M. Lynch. Trucking is way too high. He’s been out of football too long.

  4. Marshawn Lynch should be a 99 overall, along with Adrian Peterson (98 overall) at second, Le’Veon Bell (96 overall) at third place, Ezekiel Elliott (95 overall) at fourth, and Devonta Freeman (94 overall) at fifth.

  5. Is this typical from EA and the NFL. Do they still hold a grudge against the Raiders franchise after all this time. Not only are some of the stats wrong but disrespectful. Same when you listen to some of the commentary “live” its almost as if they hate the Raiders

  6. You guys really don’t show love. Only reason we didn’t win more then 14 games last season was due to Carr’s injury. The AFC West is the best in football. Denver’s defense is a force. Chiefs just smashed the Patriots at home. Even the Chargers are able to compete with anybody and keep it close.