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Madden 18 New Defensive Feature: ID The Mike

With the introduction of the nano detector in Madden 17, the primary way for players to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks was to send corner blitzes.  They became so overpowered that some skilled gamers could send 3 man blitzes against 6 guys blocking and consistently have a defender come in unblocked.

Madden 18 is attempting to give you the tools to stop that with a new feature called, “ID the Mike” which is short for Identify the Middle Linebacker.  You will be able to bring up this tool in the pass protection menu.

Normally you would press RB/R1 to set your slide protection.  When you press that in Madden 18, you will now be able to press the A button then scroll over to which defender you want to set as the Mike linebacker.

In theory, this new feature should help you pick up blitzes if your opponent runs the same defense over and over again.  If you guess wrong though and misidentify the mike linebacker, you could be setting yourself up for a complete blocking breakdown and a quick sack.

Is ID the Mike something you plan on using in Madden 18?  Let us know in the comments section.

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jay brown
jay brown
7 years ago

This is a dope concept