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Madden 18 Minnesota Vikings Full Player Ratings

The full Madden 18 ratings for every player on the Minnesota Vikings can be found below.  Feel free to search, sort, and browse to find what you are looking for.

The players are sorted by overall (highest to lowest) by default but you can sort using any rating you like.

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  1. Who does the ratings I do not agree with a lot of these
    1 Sam Bradford was the most accurate QB in the NFL last year his rating is rediculous he also only threw 4 interceptions.
    Xavier Rhodes wtf he shut down obj kelvin benjamin a lot of good receivers last season he is a top 5 corner in the league and they have him in the mid 80’s lay of the crack madden
    Harrison smith is probably in the top two when it comes to safety’s and they have him at a 93
    There is many more I could go on all day but the Vikings always get shit on when it come to ratings I have been playing along time and they always get the least amount of attention and everything
    Anthony Barr a 79 wtf I’m done dude

  2. Sharrif Floyd has a 88 injury? and toughness but he can’t play more than 1 snap per year?!?!

  3. My opinion on ratings for Vikings:
    Xavier Rhode:93
    Stefon Diggs:88
    Everson Griffin:92
    Linaval Joseph:92
    Kyle Rudolph:88
    Sam Bradford:84

  4. Agreed, both Texans and Vikings had better team defense than Seahawks yet have fewer 80+ overall rated defenders. Also, yes, completely agree about Harrison smith and Xavier Rhodes. Played as well if not better than Seattle’s top defenders all year yet have 10-12 combined rating points between them?

  5. Tackling
    Kentrell Brotheres 88
    Eric Kendricks 87
    Anthony Barr 83
    Wtf is up with these ratings. Vikings get shit on ever year