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Madden 18 Kansas City Chiefs Full Player Ratings

The full Madden 18 ratings for every player on the Kansas City Chiefs can be found below.  Feel free to search, sort, and browse to find what you are looking for.

The players are sorted by overall (highest to lowest) by default but you can sort using any rating you like.

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  1. How is tyreek hill not 100 speed. There is no one in the NFL with proven speed. Please reconsider this number.

  2. If Tyreek Hill played for Dallas, Giants, Patriots, or Raiders the NFL would rate Hill at least a 100+, it is what it is “media” drives the bus! Alan Fleshman, a Chiefs fan from the beginning!

  3. Dee ford a 78? He had 10 sacks last year. Maybe his overall and Hali’s 82 should b switched around

    1. I know how you fill this is some bull

  4. Vick Beasley led the lead in sacks and he’s only a 83 overall and joey bosa a 88 overall with ten sacks that’s some fuckery!!!!

  5. The NFL’s leading WR last year is an 88 while Julian Edelman is an 89.

    Case: rested.

  6. Madden rankings? Who cares. These idiots have no credibility. Rack it!

  7. Eric Berry is the best Safety in the NFL, but at least they got close on that one. Tyreek Hill has to be in the 90’s if he repeats last years success