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Madden 18 Houston Texans Full Player Ratings

The full Madden 18 ratings for every player on the Houston Texans can be found below.  Feel free to search, sort, and browse to find what you are looking for.

The players are sorted by overall (highest to lowest) by default but you can sort using any rating you like.

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  1. My opinion on ratings for Texans:
    J.J. Watt:99
    Deandre Hopkins:93
    Mercilus Whitney:90
    Jadeveon Clowney:90
    Lamar Miller:90
    C.j. F:87

    1. That’s why you don’t make the stats

  2. Whys desean Watson not a higher overall this guy was a runner up in the hiesmen trophy and won the collage championship

    1. College championships don’t translate to NFL stats. No player in the draft should come out the gate as a 77-80 overall. That’s a little ridiculous to think that a rookie will have the stats of an instant starter.

  3. This has to be a joke Wendy Williams just raced Akeem hunt and will Fuller and he beat will Fuller please go back and adjust your stat rating accordingly give that man his do. If Will Fuller is 95 he should at least be 96 with better acceleration

  4. My opinion

    JJ watt 99
    Deandre Hopkins 97
    Lamar Miller 92
    Jadeveon clowney 94
    Deshabille Watson 92