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Madden 18: Gun Bunch HB Str – Y Trail

In today’s Madden School tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to beat every coverage in Madden 18 with one easy play.

Check it out below.

Madden 18: Gun Bunch HB Str - Y Trail

Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: Shotgun Bunch HB Str

Play: Y Trail (Flipped)


  1. (Optional) Block your running back
  2. See video for other setups


  1. Your first read is the X/square receiver on the drag route
  2. If he is covered, look to the RB/R1 receiver on the corner route
  3. Then look to your B/circle receiver on the post route
  4. Your last read is the A/X tight end coming back over the middle

Summary: This play is a great play to attack both man defenses and zone defenses. In this video, we break down how to use this play to attack man coverage at several different areas of the field, leaving your opponent guessing as to where you’re going to throw the ball.

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