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Madden 17 Team Ratings for The Entire NFC

All of the teams in the NFC have had their overall team ratings in Madden 17 announced.  The Carolina Panthers come in as the clear favorite in the NFC with an overall team rating of 87.

We’ve got the full ratings below.  Keep in mind these ratings will change throughout the year as roster updates come out.

  1. Carolina Panthers – 87 Overall
  2. Green Bay Packers – 85 Overall
  3. Seattle Seahawks – 85 Overall
  4. Arizona Cardinals – 84 Overall
  5. Dallas Cowboys – 84 Overall
  6. Atlanta Falcons – 81 Overall
  7. Minnesota Vikings – 81 Overall
  8. Detroit Lions – 80 Overall
  9. New York Giants – 80 Overall
  10. Philadelphia Eagles – 80 Overall
  11. New Orleans Saints – 80 Overall
  12. Washington Redskins – 79 Overall
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 79 Overall
  14. Los Angeles Rams – 78 Overall
  15. San Francisco 49ers – 75 Overall
  16. Chicago Bears – 74 Overall

Which teams are rated too high? Too low? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Redskins could be in the 80’s at least 80

    1. Washington always get shafted even the year we got Bruce smith and Deion sanders madden be on some bs

  2. Seattle last year was only 10-6 but Arizona was 13-3

  3. Washington didn’t get no love

  4. The Bears are not the worst team in the NFC especially with free agency acquisitions and Kevin white finally going to play. Detroit is no 80 without Megatron call and probably cause should be even call with or lower than the Bears. 49ers should be lower than the Bears. I also think Washington is a little low.

  5. Washington thats ridulous 79

  6. How are the Packers, Falcons, and Cowboys over the Vikings? Seriously the Cowboys? The 4-12 team… Hell we beat the Packers for the division and they didn’t get anybody back except Jordy and didn’t get anybody big. And the Falcons were 8-8 and the Vikings outplayed then by far last year. Also one thing I want to know is how the worst team last year the Titans are better than the Vikings they were 3-13 last year… Come on EA give us the respect we earned last year

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  8. No WAY Rams should be higher than the Niners. I knew this before the shut out they have them week 1. ?

  9. I think the rams should be an 80 overall at least