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Madden 17 Run Tips: Weak Close Inside Zone

Today we are going over one of the better running plays in Madden 17.  It is a very easy play that you can use early on in Madden 17 that should get you a good chunk of yards.  Just make sure your opponent isn’t blitzing too many guys.

Madden-School-UnlimitedLet’s dive right in.

Madden 17 Running Tips: Weak Close - Inside Zone

Playbook: West Coast

Formation: Weak Close

Play: Inside Zone

Setup: None required

Overview: In this play make sure to NOT use turbo when you initially hand the ball off. This makes it easier to cut and hit the holes with the running back.  After you hit a hole you can use turbo to possibly break it for a big gain.

On to the step by step breakdown.

madden 17 inside zone 1

Here is the pre snap play art.

madden 17 inside zone 2

We hand the ball off to our running back and you notice right away how big the hole is.

madden 17 inside zone 3

We end up with about an 8 yard gain.  If we can make one defender miss, you could turn this run into 20-30 yards.

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