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Madden 17: Gun Tight Slot Open – Wheel Switch

In today’s free Madden 17 tip, we are going over a nice money play that can be used against just about any coverage in this year’s game.

You can check out the full breakdown and setup below.

Madden NFL 17: Gun Tight Slot Open - Wheel Switch

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: Gun Tight Slot Open

Play: Wheel Switch


  1. Put the B/O receiver on a slant
  2. Put the A/X receiver on a curl


  1. The first read is the running back out of the back field
  2. The second read is the B/O and A/X receivers slant and curl combination
  3. The third read is the Y/Triangle receiver on the out route
  4. The fourth read is the X/Square receiver deep over the middle

Overview: Recently we have received a lot of requests for zone beaters because most players run zone defense in online games. This play will create problems for opponents that like to run zone and will force them to switch up their defense.

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