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Madden 17: Gun Tight Flex – PA Slot Options

One of the most common defenses you see in Madden 17 is Cover 3.  Stickwork is back today to go over a play that will beat it every time.

We’ve got the full analysis below.

Madden 17: Gun Tight Flex PA Slot Options

Playbook: Run N Gun

Formation: Gun Tight Flex

Play: PA Slot Options


  1. Put the A/X tight end on an in route
  2. Put the Y/Triangle receiver on a drag route
  3. Put the X/Square receiver on a slant route
  4. Block the running back


  1. The main read is the B/O receiver deep over the middle
  2. If that is not there look towards the Y/Triangle receiver on the drag route
  3. Then look for the X/Square receiver on the slant route

Overview: This is a great base pass play that mainly focuses on beating Cover 3 defenses. The short routes suck down the zones leaving open the deep post.

There are still good check downs on this play to get nice yards as well.

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