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Madden 17: Gun Split Close Mini Scheme (Part 3)

Every offensive scheme needs a go-to running play, and Power O provides that. In this Madden tip, we are going over how to run Power O effectively to keep your opponent honest and balance your passing attack.

For those that missed them, here is where you can view Part 1 and Part 2 of our Madden 17 Gun Split Close mini scheme.

Madden 17: Gun Split Close (Part 3)

Playbook: Cleveland Browns

Formation: Gun Split Close

Play: HB Power O


  1. (Optional) Motion the B/circle WR in 2 steps then snap (see video)

Overview: It is important to have an effective running play from any formation that you like to call.  This play will keep your opponent honest.

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7 years ago

Hi, Madden-School. I just downloaded your “mschooloff” and def for ps4. I was going to use them for the franchise league I’m in. The question i had for you guys is, Do you have videos or e-books associated with your playbook on which plays to run for the schemes the other player is in?

If so, where can I find them. Thanks!